Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come On Everybody Feel The Power, You Can Feel The Steam, It's Teamchemist!

This Saturday, 28th April, the dream team is reunited, the original 2012 lineup... Teamchemist!


Led by none other then Mr. IRS, the Human Centipede, Sean Koe Ju Jin, strongest and most feared by animals in the kingdom. He is able to strangle snakes 10 times his size. Always talks as if he knows and is affectionately called by his fellow Teamchemist peers as, "Retard",

The second in command obviously is, Clinton Hu Wen Yang who is for girls. The one and only Reset King, 100%, Liu Zi Feng, McD. Cardio Umehara. The man with biceps comparable to the size of 3 packets of Nasi Lemak, stacked up. Ladies love his style so much, that once when he was streaking in the arcades (An everyday thing.), 3 girls gathered to watch him play. Unable to resist his sex anymore, one of them walked up to tell him, "Hey you drop your lighter." when in fact, Clinton's lighter was in his pocket the whole time. SHINNING WIZARD.

Next up in the dream team, it's the Stacy Kiebler for men, Bran Chua Hsien Ti, the not-so-fat Bran, the Ah Legs, the FBT bringing sexy back. An integral part of Teamchemist, the spinal cord that holds the team together and the ever sound advisor of the gang. Loves his dog, Coco, and being a monk.

And the rookie of the year goes to... Jeremy Lim Da Feng IS THAT YOU. The good chinese boy turn Matrep and currently under Medaki support. Has a huge fetish for Akuma and plays exclusively Akuma. Will become very agitated when people make fun of Akuma. Aspires to grow up really tan, and angry, just like Akuma.

Last but not least, there's myself, The Vice Capt. , the Natural, the WD40 Kongster, Jonathan Lim Chee Kien the louder than bombs arguably and most controversially the best emceesquared in the universe, who likes supporting his fellow Teamchemist peers with pictures of his shit when taking a piss. A vulgar and angry man by persona, who strongly believes, he completes this team.

So this it... You can feel the steam, it's Teamchemist.

And please do not forget the Grandmasterchemist, Enchemist look who's laming the game NOWWwwWWwW~


The latest on the Teamchemist front, sexy monk Brandon Chua Hsien Ti is unable to make it due to his revolting passion to attend wedding dinners. In his stride, we could not have found a more appropriate replacement killer in the name of the Funan Digital Life Champion 2008, Rchan, Saga Man.

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