Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 13 - ありません

Serene days ensured, we carried on our peaceful lives, returning to the way it was, and today, was no exception... Was what we were led to believe.

With the sun beaming on the backs of the surviving members of the now infamous Class C, so did the smiles. 

But what greeted us upon arrival, froze us still with despair. When we had thought, we were absolutely sure we had sent the dead back to death, he appeared, at his desk, with his books and pens out, calm and collected. The rest of the class too, sat as though, nothing had happened. Sensei showed no signs of uneasiness, acknowledging him like he had been there, since day one. 

What we found to be even more disturbing, was the fact that the class attendance had now been leveled... Half of Class C was missing... And could possibly never return... Gruesomely murdered, in the most accidental of ways... Was what we feared.

What did we do wrong? Have we not solved the mystery of the phenomenon? Did we not stopped the calamity? And why are we the only ones who remembered?



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

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