Friday, April 6, 2012

Team Xialan on OCFTW - Featuring The Shen Siong Brothers, Raymus and Jovian

OCFTW: The April Fool's Edition Featuring Shen Yuan, Shen Chan and TXL. Jonda

What's so foolish about April anyway?

Last week on OCFTW, if you don't already know, it is the local FG stream run by Joe Bakashi with the occasional Rubed0 assist, that provides a platform for FG friends and lovers to showcase their skills, play a set and have their matches broadcast on the web... Coming back to it, I got together with 2 friends from the scene, arguably THE strongest Soul Calibur players here in Singapore and possibly the world, Raymus aka Shen Yuan aka the bit founder of aka the Wuzzyman Doomy and his good friend, THE reigning SC5 champion of Singapore, Jovian aka Shen Chan aka MimiJojo.

Shen Yuan (Claw) vs Shen Chan (Dudley) FT_5 with TXL. Jonda on commentary

It was nice hanging out with them on stream, playing a few FT_5s back to back, footsie-centric and mid-screen madness, where your defense has to be absolutely top notch and throw breaks count for $100 a tech, absolutely nostalgic... Absolutely enjoyed it. Good, quality Street Fighter, the taste of the sweetest vanilla.

Closing notes!

Shoutouts to Joe Bakashi again for hosting us, and to Raymus and Jovian for taking time off from their busy Soul schedule to do this show with me. I wish them all the best at EVO 2012 this year.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.


- Find Joe Bakashi and OCFTW on his Facebook Group for all the latest updates and show times here. Remember Joe is giving away a copy of Diablo III, all you gotta do is design a brand new OCFTW logo for him. Get to work now.

- Get in touch with the Singapore Soul Calibur team here.

- In this episode, I make constant reference to Raymus's thesis on the mid-range game and defense and you can read up about his theories and thoughts on this forum thread. Even the thread replies provided by various notable members of the scene are equally informative.

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