Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vice Vords from the Vice Capt. - Sixteen Candles

When I first started working out, I was inspired by Katy Perry and the then Adidas campaign, the one where "Katy Is All In." I decked myself out in ONLY Adidas gear, because I'm brand conscious, call on a few good friends to guide me through the gym and teach me new exercises and I took it from there.

Looking back at my older pictures, I looked ghastly, like malnourished and on the verge of an icy death, pale and skinny. I don't claim to be Brock Lesnar now, but at least I don't look like I could be blown away by strong winds at any minute.

Working out is working out, it has paid off.

I know it took me a really long time, but 21 years later, I can finally do Pull-Ups. You do not know the amount of satisfaction one derives from a single, complete, Pull-Up, coming from the background of a Zero Fighter. It's quite possibly the third best feeling in the world, after ear-digging and orgasm during intercourse.

So I do not believe all these issues with fitness, too skinny, too heavy, too weak, is up to nature. It's a choice, you just have to make it, some are tougher than others, but you make the decision, stay focus, give yourself a routine, stick with it, discipline yourself, push yourself challenge yourself better yourself. Adidas is a great brand, for they speak the truth at all times, nothing is impossible. Impossible is nothing.

Better yourself.
Get the clothes that best suit your look, that best represents who you are. Get them fitted, ask a Seamstress.
Stay active. Work out, keep fit. an hour a day, 3 times a week. Work right, supplement your diet with shakes, ask a friend.
Put yourself out that, stay positive. All of the world's a stage, and it's people, your audience. Enthrall them.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If Jon win...

If Jon win...

The Vice Capt. got together with his mates from Teamchemist, however due to last minute prayers making Sexy Monk unable to participate, the Funan Digital Life Champion 2008, Rchan, took his place and we stormed through the brackets in the recent 5v5, facing the ever popular Saint Jan in the first round. 

Saint Jan is known to taunt people in arcades and when questions why, gives amazing reasons like, "Oh, sorry, I thought you are Alan." Saint Jan was also famous for sending Clinton a "Don't waste my time, Noob." type message on PSN... We are glad to have never lost to him, his brother and anybody naive enough to join their contingent, in all competitions. 

But it all went downhill after we reached the Winner's Finals and took a break for dinner. Something was amiss when I realised there were more Kuays roaming the top levels of Parklane then in the bowl of Curry Kuay I ordered. DA FENG too, was in for a shock, when he saw the $4.50 plate of Wanton Mee he ordered. We dare not imagine, what a $2.50 plate of Wanton Mee would look like. We had a miserable dinner.

Got back up to meet Leslie's team. DA FENG did us all a favour by taking out the Seth, which was gonna be the biggest problem for us, before dropping to a Ibuki. Human Centipede stepped up, in a match he should have won, but missed 2 vital Anti-Airs and ultimately lost the match. The rest of us... Just took it to the Loser's Bracket.

Down we were in the Loser's Brackets, facing off with DM. Xian's team, in the Loser's Finals. Tampines Daigo took out 3 of our men, leaving it up to Human Centipede and myself to somehow carry us back to the Grand Finals. And the Human Centipede most definitely did not disappoint, pulling off a somewhat reverse OCV to level it back before going down to DM. Xian's Gen. 

Whispers of "If Jon win..." started ringing around the area. What many thought would have been impossible... The under of underdogs... Me, to beat Xian to take us back to the Grand Finals... What are the odds... 1:100 some might feel... I definitely think not, Xian's a great player, but it's not as though I would sit there and just let him hand me my sorry ass personally. I know this matchup, I have studied it well. I can do this.

Round one, footsie-centric, spinning kicks, pokes here and there. Xian getting in big damage with his combos. With a quarter of the time remaining, down to about a quarter of my life, Xian still with about half, I get a lucky EX Kazegiri to get Xian off my back, and on to the ground. I dash up, went for a Frame Trap, it connects, links into Neckbreaker for the Untechable knockdown. Buffers my B.Mp, into the 50/50 mixup, Xian blocks, 2 crouching lights into the throw, Xian doesn't tech. Xian with only a pixel of HP left, I, barely breathing, magic pixels, walks back, sets up my Kunai with a short jump, Xian sees it, mashes the Ultra, it connects, Xian takes round 1, Teamchemist and everyone watching opens their mouth and never found a reason to close it back. I went on to lose the second round, perfect. Teamchemist claims third spot.

Many hours later, while we were analyzing our performances and downfall, we came to the conclusion that, we were quite possibly fed Cyanide. Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not ever, under any circumstance, eat at Parklane's Kopi & Tea Cafe.