Sunday, September 30, 2012

Episode 14 - わたしは

After a 2 month vacation, we headed into Semester 2 very much prepared for the worst. The Another of Semester 2 was revealed midway through the term but the resilience of us, veterans of the calamity, calmed the storm and successfully send the dead back to death, again.

We approached the new Semester, Semester 3, with enthusiasm, this time taking no breaks at all, but the unbecoming awaited us, at the first ring of the bell. The New Another wasted no time and announced dutifully, like issuing an open challenge, that he was indeed the dead, and if we have what it takes, we are welcome to try and send him back. 

It gets worst.

Having barely come to terms with the rise of the New Another, this term, the Another comes in Twos.

The phenomenon only intensifies with each new Semester. Time is running out. With each passing minute, they threaten to harm the beloved 嵐姉妹 with their roller chairs side by side.

There is no God.



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

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