Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some Saturday That Was...

Saturday was a blessed day with some serious looting on the EVA Ichiban Kuji.

By the time Kenn had got there, the top prizes were all gone... all but one was left, Ayanami Rei, sitting tall, only one. I had 45 minutes remaining from class, I had given up on studying by then.

19 tickets were left, I told Kenn to buy up 9 and I'll come down and buy up the remaining 10, but the outcome was even better than planned.

Krystal with the pick, Kenn tore it open, and with just one ticket, one shot, they had won the A Prize! - Ayanami Rei!

And with that, it sealed my fate. I was destined to own it, and destine to be their bitch, for a long time coming. Still, I am eternally grateful.

After picking up the A Prize, I went back to buy up 3 more tickets, which became 2 more, then became 1 more, and won myself both the Handphone ornaments and some of the @School Collection petit figures (Featuring Maya, Rei, Mari and Kwaoru - Of which, Kwaoru I gave away to a cute little stingy woman.) 

It was euphoric. We even got the shop owners saying, "Just buy only" on top of the constant pressure from my friends. 

Kujis are mad fun.

I would also like to thank Khairi for organizing a BlazBlue tournament on this day to house all the BB Dogs far away from the Kuji. I believe it was instrumental to me getting the Ayanami Rei A Prize.



Gakky on the cover of this month's NYLON Japan! The love of my life.

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