Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mirror from Arab Street

There once was a mirror that was said to reveal the truth about anyone who stood before it. Many were skeptical about it's supposed powers, yet many were afraid to look it dead on ahead. Perhaps they were uneasy about confronting truths within themselves, then suddenly feeling naked, perhaps perhaps... It was a very human notion and nothing too surprising.

So on and on the mirror stood in the shop, rust and dusting until one day, the old courier put a cloth over it as he closed the shop. Just then, a curious little girl who was a peasant with no money, came by and said to the old man.

"I've admired that mirror for the longest time! I know what it is said to be able to do! I don't really believe it, do you?"

The courier stared blankly at her young, innocent eyes, as if looking for a sign, an answer... He started mumbling, as though chanting, before opening up his voice, he said...

"I don't know what you're talking about. But you can have this mirror for 99 dollars, son."

The old man took the long flight of stairs up the attic where I presumed was his bed leaving the little girl to her own devices, before the famed mirror.

5 years later, she turned 22 and got married.

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