Monday, November 26, 2012

Perfume - 24.11.2012

Perfume Live in Singapore 24.11.2012 
Photo courtesy of Amos Wong for Universal Music

And all that build up and hype ended last night after we got on the bus back home. From the time we queued overnight, to me getting ready via merchandises at AFA to finding out our VIP tickets were skyrocketing to 60,000 Yen on Yahoo! Auction, Perfume played their first live in Singapore at *SCAPE, which was over as quickly as it began, though it was almost a two and a half hour show, still, too soon.

The gig was streamed live to cinemas all across Japan!

I was up for it from the get-go as seeing them live really blew my mind... The lights, lasers and revolving screens... Absolutely amazing. Mad stoked when they played "コンピューターシティ", an old song from their earlier releases I wasn't sure they still performed live and they almost killed me when they performed "FAKE IT" into "ねぇ", high jumps the equivalent of slam dunks and dancing all around. 

"edge (⊿-mix)" was my favourite performance of the night.

"チョコレイト・ディスコ" was self-explanatory.

Perfume closed the encore with "MY COLOR" and all of us danced one last time in unison, it was beautiful.

And just as we left, flyers were handed out to us annoucing that Perfume's Official Fanclub will soon be open to the World!

Coupled with the wonderful merchandise I got (Bag + Tour T-shirt) and the results from earlier in the day in class, I had an awesome Saturday.


02. コンピューターシティ
03. エレクトロ・ワールド
04. レーザービーム
05. Spending all my time
06. love the world
07. edge
08. シークレットシークレット
09. Dream Fighter
11. ねぇ
12. チョコレイト・ディスコ(2012-mix)
13. ポリリズム
14. Spring Of Life
15. 心のスポーツ

*P.S - Big shoutouts to Sidney Lock for the Setlist.

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