Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 - The Year In Question, The Year In Review

Merry Christmas, Teamchemist

2012 wasn't that bad, yes it was all bad.

Apart from life carrying on, working, playing, buying, working out, working... That's how it went by pretty much really.

I took up Japanese classes, that's fun somewhat and gave the weekends a greater meaning.

I retired from competition in March after a disappointing performance at the Shadaloo Showdown Qualifier and gave up on Ibuki completely, became this lost sheep wandering around the character select screen pretending to be a really good Cammy player.

Resigned to my fate as a washed-up has-been and joined VintageSoul on commentary for the better part, aka "JondaSoul TV".

But then I found it again, somehow, after realizing the ridiculous direction this game was headed, picked a new character to re-learn the game, that got me thinking about Street Fighter, a little like it was back in 2010.

看手最厉害lor, Daigo

Still game related, playing against Daigo was quite a big deal to me. Much to respect about The Beast.

Doesn't matter.

In the queue for Perfume

If I was asked what the greatest moment of 2012 was, I'd probably named Perfume live in Singapore... or AFA, I really enjoyed myself at AFA, in a very honest way... In fact, on those 2 occasions, I really enjoyed myself in a very honest way.

Watching Death Cab For Cutie again was great too, I love that band. Benjamin Gibbard is a genius.

With beer on the table, everybody becomes a brother

Yeah how could I forget. There were 2 very important events in 2012. Planning and executing together a very good friend's proposal surprise to his girlfriend of 10 years and watching yet another dear friend from secondary school getting married to her boyfriend she met in Poly days. Love is such a beautiful thing as I sat there on both occasions recounting glory days. I am happy for all of them.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

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