Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Once, I was a young angry teenager. With a online diary of a previous URL, a random creature stumbled on it from a chance argument with another, she left me comments, and we exchanged comments, and we exchanged mails, and they were great mails at lengths. We talked about everything you could possibly imagined, everything that could interest her, interest me interest her. We shared music, she got me on to "The Rip" and "Uniform", I got her on to well... The music I got her, probably didn't make such a big impact on her life as it did to mine. The daily anticipation for new mail, the cultural exchange, the emotional connection, here I had met, from the comfort of my chair, a mirror match in the form of the opposite sex. I never had thought, as corny as it sounds, that creatures like that were created, we were pen pals. It was a beautiful memory. Let's celebrate joyous occasions, life.

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