Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TXL, BLP and All Other Acronyms Associated With The FGC / Memoirs of a Vice Capt. - TWO

I'll write you chapter 2 now, titled...

GameAxis Page 6

Rolling WIth It

Alright so picking up where I left off, no bullshit, my first taste of true corporate community work came in the form of promoting this little unknown game called Mini Fighter, I bet even you have never heard of it.

What's in it for this one... Community building, growing, promoting the game on our forums, organizing a tournament, creating buzz... You know... The usual here and there. Like always, we all had big plans, or at least, I had big plans, big ways to go about this, halted by, what would go on to later become the biggest bane in all of my pursuit for glory, the lack of direct funding.


I didn't have much to do or say in this... It was pretty much all up to TL, I just came a long for the ride... I don't remember doing much here. Well maybe, I design those Staff Tags, yeah that's about all. The next one was fun though...

What manner of magic is this? Uniforms?

We did this in-store event for Samsung at Vivo. It was the best crossover promotion (At that point of time at least), are you ready? Samsung TVs x Street Fighter 4. What better way to show off Samsung's Hi-Def TVs with the newly rendered SF4 Graphics!? Brilliant init? Who came up with this? Not me... Probably TL... He's the one in touch with Rapture.

By now I had somewhat sunk deep into this whole Events crap and really lovin' it. This was a fun event too you know, one of those beautiful moments with everybody in the same room, no bullshit, nothing of the present day, just good ol' get together playing Street Fighter.

The tournament was plagued by bad lag, but the community put on a great show. Whose idea was it? Now I can't remember was it mine... But we somehow came to the agreement that we should use a Female and Male Emcee Duo so as to project the image of the game and community being open to both Male and Female competitors. We wanted to rid that social stigma of Gaming being a male-dominated territory (Which it actually is, all these years gone by...)


Yeah I have many good memories from this one. This was probably  the first time we actually had high quality recordings at a tournament. I think this was also one of the first tournaments that were rigged.

One of my Staffers, who would go on to become one of my MOST loyal and responsible Staffers, Mr. Mustapusta himself, showed up in Bermudas and Slippers for a PAID job, and guess who took a load of shit from the Bosses... ME! I got 1x earful and I could only managed a,

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. I'll fix it."

So Musta, this goes out to you.

But it was great la I mean... Just look at the photo, it don't lie one bit. Don't believe, go look at all your recent photos.

This picture is epic in many ways. I mean c'mon... SY with hair? I had no idea Jasper was at this event as well! And what is with that Leslie hair?
Wait... Is that Altheiumaster?



Alright Ladies and Gents, the next chapter is gonna be MAJOR (PUN INTENDED). It's the story of BMS and SBO 2010! Friends and lovers you know what's in it there! A whoooole lot of Bacon, Eggs and Cheese! STAY TUNE, SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL, SON.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

TXL, BLP and All Other Acronyms Associated With The FGC / Memoirs of a Vice Capt. - ONE


I've been meaning to write this story down about my life in the FGC afraid that one day I might forget all about it because after all they did contain some truly magical, bitterly frustrating and sometimes outright stupid moments that have become a part of my memories one way or another. I finally moved a joint to write this down after looking at old pictures on Round1.sg's Facebook page. Ha. And I'm not going to put this down in chronological order so you're gonna get this however fresh it comes to mind, straight up, just the way it has always been, telling it like it is.

Disclaimer: Before you proceed any further, I want every single one of you to know that this is in no way "HATE", nor is it "SPITEFUL", this is not a personal attack on any one body, I'm done with that it's all in the past, I don't bear grudges and as I'm telling these stories I want to share with you the emotions I felt so as to be as honest as I can be. If this is not going to sit well with you, then I suggest you read no further then this paragraph.

So here it is. Chapter 1. I'll call this...

The accidental symmetry of black comedy found in this
picture anon is sincerely romantic.

Jonda Has Arrived

Now I'm sure I've been quoted on this many a times but I'll go out to say it once more, that I started out just like you, my friend, yes, standing in the back, quiet as a bat, watching these bar-like tournaments going on in that lowly TKA Arcade down at Bugis. They were always so crowded. Always filled with so much energy. It didn't occur to me in the beginning, to want to be a Emcee, or a Commentator, or a TO... For me honestly? I just wanted to be part of this circle of seemingly wonderful people. I thought to myself,

"Boy this does look fun."

Bah we save all that integration BS for another chapter. Now we fast forward to early 2010. By now, I had somewhat become familiar with the entity that is known as Round1.sg, the community folks, some of which had by now become my friends. It was the start of the work year for Round1.sg, many big things were about to happen. So here I was in that lowly TKA Arcade again, when all of a sudden, a wild Real Deal, rang me on the phone, and asked me to come up to MOS Burger.

I got up, I saw a bunch of people, the committee that is, and they made it very fast for me, Real Deal at least, made it very fast for me. He asked me if I wanted to be part of Round1.sg, and without a seconds hesitation, I said,


The first task I was given in that work year, was Round1.sg's first anniversary tournament. Yes my friend, when I joined the team, Round1.sg was 1 year old. I wasn't just going to make it a tournament like those bi-weekly tournaments before it. C'mon, it's a birthday, it's gotta be special innit. I wrecked my brains hard brother, I kept thinking of things that we could do that would be different. I sat up in my bed for nights, I'm not lying about this part, I literally stayed in bed sleepless. And then it hit me.

I don't know what exactly, or when exactly, but it just did. For starters man, the poster for that event was great. I could have done a better job with the layout and Typography, but I was barely even't a professional Designer then. But Jen contributed some awesome illustrations for that poster that we plastered all over TKA, all over Singapore. I had this idea to give out awards to players based on crowd votes y'know, not just pot prizes for the top 3, I had the idea that more people should stand a chance to win something, for showing up, for showing their support, I wanted everyone to have fun, was what was going through my mind. So I made up this list of silly awards like MVP, Most Ballsy Player Award, Most Xialan Player etc... I made 5 of these categories and got everyone excited on Forums, promising them prizes if they won a certain category.

Now honest to God, again, I'm not lying, I wished I had money, because it was my intention in the first place, to get some real awesome prizes. Most of you don't know this man, but the team went out weeks before the event approaching game shops, famous game shops from Funan to Far East, to seek their support in contributing ANYTHING, ANYTHING, as prizes for you folks, we reached out to so many, but at the end of the date, none of these game shops replied, none of them supported. What else was a poor boy to do? Dood, I got you guys gifts from Daiso. $10 man, from my own pocket.

I gave some really wacky prizes that I can't quite remember now... But I remember I gave the MVP a Nail Clipper, because he was the MVP, so he had to take care of his fingers, and nails. Ha.


(I'll end it here and continue the later half of this story on another day, more bacon eggs and cheese to come!)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Twentieth Century Boy

That night, I got back on stream since... What match was it I last did... I think something from the A League... Well, I got back on it and it felt sort of bits and pieces. Still, I dropped the link on my TXL's FB Page and am grateful for the friends and fans who turned up on stream chat with those little words, it meant much to me. I'm also grateful for what little NEW viewers who decided to "Follow" me on Twitter, I am grateful I am at least still somewhat entertaining ha ha.

Well I got on stream to commentate on my good friend Gackt's matches, a First to 10 against 2 of Malaysia's best in Itabachow Zangief and Keane Hi. Itabachow of course famously beat HumanBomb from Hong Kong in a previous First to 10 and wanted to pit his skills against Gackt. 

That's the basic summary of it.

For anybody who caught that stream, after that really long technical shits with the connection, (Well that was the fun part actually, we talked a lot about Superhero movies and Manga and you know the usual stuff I like to talk about.) I'll put it out right here right now, I was honestly up for it I swear to God. Like every other show I've done, I came in there with a 100% attitude to deliver and I apologise if midway the things I said became lacklustered and completely bias... I'm not apologising for what I said, I'm apologising if you felt that way, perhaps it was unprofessional of me and I do not mean any harm to Itabachow or any of the good folks from the Malaysian FGC. 

As a matter of fact, I have nothing but admiration for their undying devotion to keeping their scene strong.

At the end of it, I promised to be at SEA Major. Yes, I said I would be there, to liven things up and shit you know doing what a Jonda does best. And while it may seem like it's not on my mind or I really couldn't give a jack about it, it comes to me every once in awhile, I do think about doing a bad show from being out of touch for so long, yes it makes me nervous to a certain extend. I hope it goes well. Your cheers on stream are most welcome and is what drives me forward when I'm on the mic all of the time, every tiny voice.

With ♥,

Vice Capt.