Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TXL, BLP and All Other Acronyms Associated With The FGC / Memoirs of a Vice Capt. - TWO

I'll write you chapter 2 now, titled...

GameAxis Page 6

Rolling WIth It

Alright so picking up where I left off, no bullshit, my first taste of true corporate community work came in the form of promoting this little unknown game called Mini Fighter, I bet even you have never heard of it.

What's in it for this one... Community building, growing, promoting the game on our forums, organizing a tournament, creating buzz... You know... The usual here and there. Like always, we all had big plans, or at least, I had big plans, big ways to go about this, halted by, what would go on to later become the biggest bane in all of my pursuit for glory, the lack of direct funding.


I didn't have much to do or say in this... It was pretty much all up to TL, I just came a long for the ride... I don't remember doing much here. Well maybe, I design those Staff Tags, yeah that's about all. The next one was fun though...

What manner of magic is this? Uniforms?

We did this in-store event for Samsung at Vivo. It was the best crossover promotion (At that point of time at least), are you ready? Samsung TVs x Street Fighter 4. What better way to show off Samsung's Hi-Def TVs with the newly rendered SF4 Graphics!? Brilliant init? Who came up with this? Not me... Probably TL... He's the one in touch with Rapture.

By now I had somewhat sunk deep into this whole Events crap and really lovin' it. This was a fun event too you know, one of those beautiful moments with everybody in the same room, no bullshit, nothing of the present day, just good ol' get together playing Street Fighter.

The tournament was plagued by bad lag, but the community put on a great show. Whose idea was it? Now I can't remember was it mine... But we somehow came to the agreement that we should use a Female and Male Emcee Duo so as to project the image of the game and community being open to both Male and Female competitors. We wanted to rid that social stigma of Gaming being a male-dominated territory (Which it actually is, all these years gone by...)


Yeah I have many good memories from this one. This was probably  the first time we actually had high quality recordings at a tournament. I think this was also one of the first tournaments that were rigged.

One of my Staffers, who would go on to become one of my MOST loyal and responsible Staffers, Mr. Mustapusta himself, showed up in Bermudas and Slippers for a PAID job, and guess who took a load of shit from the Bosses... ME! I got 1x earful and I could only managed a,

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. I'll fix it."

So Musta, this goes out to you.

But it was great la I mean... Just look at the photo, it don't lie one bit. Don't believe, go look at all your recent photos.

This picture is epic in many ways. I mean c'mon... SY with hair? I had no idea Jasper was at this event as well! And what is with that Leslie hair?
Wait... Is that Altheiumaster?



Alright Ladies and Gents, the next chapter is gonna be MAJOR (PUN INTENDED). It's the story of BMS and SBO 2010! Friends and lovers you know what's in it there! A whoooole lot of Bacon, Eggs and Cheese! STAY TUNE, SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL, SON.

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