Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Twentieth Century Boy

That night, I got back on stream since... What match was it I last did... I think something from the A League... Well, I got back on it and it felt sort of bits and pieces. Still, I dropped the link on my TXL's FB Page and am grateful for the friends and fans who turned up on stream chat with those little words, it meant much to me. I'm also grateful for what little NEW viewers who decided to "Follow" me on Twitter, I am grateful I am at least still somewhat entertaining ha ha.

Well I got on stream to commentate on my good friend Gackt's matches, a First to 10 against 2 of Malaysia's best in Itabachow Zangief and Keane Hi. Itabachow of course famously beat HumanBomb from Hong Kong in a previous First to 10 and wanted to pit his skills against Gackt. 

That's the basic summary of it.

For anybody who caught that stream, after that really long technical shits with the connection, (Well that was the fun part actually, we talked a lot about Superhero movies and Manga and you know the usual stuff I like to talk about.) I'll put it out right here right now, I was honestly up for it I swear to God. Like every other show I've done, I came in there with a 100% attitude to deliver and I apologise if midway the things I said became lacklustered and completely bias... I'm not apologising for what I said, I'm apologising if you felt that way, perhaps it was unprofessional of me and I do not mean any harm to Itabachow or any of the good folks from the Malaysian FGC. 

As a matter of fact, I have nothing but admiration for their undying devotion to keeping their scene strong.

At the end of it, I promised to be at SEA Major. Yes, I said I would be there, to liven things up and shit you know doing what a Jonda does best. And while it may seem like it's not on my mind or I really couldn't give a jack about it, it comes to me every once in awhile, I do think about doing a bad show from being out of touch for so long, yes it makes me nervous to a certain extend. I hope it goes well. Your cheers on stream are most welcome and is what drives me forward when I'm on the mic all of the time, every tiny voice.

With ♥,

Vice Capt.

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