Thursday, October 17, 2013

I visit the arcade every once in awhile - The state of Street Fighter we're in.

As Singapore's player base is small, a cheat's way of making it to the top is frantic memorizing of player's bad habits and play styles. Which in a way, you could look at it as, players being lazy and developing play styles and habits and not breaking them. In that sense, growth is hindered on both ends.

Yet randomizing your gameplay can often lead to what one would typically classify as "luan luan poh".

In conclusion, Street Fighter has become overly boring to engage in over the years.

Everybody tries to play all Japanese on the first credit... Solid footsies... Intricate Set Plays... Calculated jumping (... And gambles/risk vs reward) and mind-blowing mind-reading... Then after, everybody loses their minds.

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