Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"There are no problems, only solutions."

I remember the first forms of Social Media and messaging tools on the internet, they were wonderful ways to speak, like you couldn't in the presence of peers. An avenue to express your thoughts... Sometimes just one thought, to tell by not telling, share by not sharing, hopeful someone truly meaningful would get you.

Surely you've kept a good wall on Facebook or feed on Twitter... One in which you can look back with fond memories. I looked back at mine... With much disdain at times, wondering why indeed I spoke a certain way or did certain things. Of course they are not all doom and gloom... Just that, I always come across a particular post or a message or a picture that sort of sours the memory of the past year(s).

"I shouldn't have said that." "I could have handled the situation better." "Why did I say that?" Thoughts like these run through my mind as I go through them. Makes you wonder why I even started clicking in the first place.

I, like you, live with some demons that never stay buried. Regret... Even then is a word I hate to succumb to... But yes, I do carry the weight of some of them till this day, Mostly those of unresolved stories that I wished would have turned out different.

I wished I was a better person then, as I wish I was now.

I hope you do not think of me as self-righteous, but it is with much sincerity that I hope everybody takes a few steps back tonight and think about all that venomous rants and hate you read about on Social Media everyday, some of which written by yourself, some of which written by first, second or third degree friends that you have recklessly "liked" and "shared".

I hope you do not think that this aimless cloud of negativity that you have irresponsibly build, can go away with the feign of ignorance and a casual wave of the hand.

Problems are hand-made, just as solutions are.

We start with our own two hands, before we reach out for another.

It's time we ended the cycle of hate.

With ❤︎,

The Vice Capt.