Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 - The Year in Review

In 2013, I bought a really good pair of underwear.

"So Mama, I'd love to..."

It started with the best night of my life of 2013, right off the bat, right from the get-go. Butter Factory, TAKU TAKAHASHI (m-flo) on set. Dance floor, drinks, strangers turning to friends, eternal earwax.


Started playing Soft Tip Darts competitively, kept me occupied and kept my competitive nature in check. Currently using the DMC Maverick, Lip Point Tips, Laro Shaft 260 Silent and Flight-L Rocket.

He said he will finish it... At some point...

Met my childhood comic book hero, Joe Madureira, got my Battle Chasers comics signed. That single movement got me back into comics totally, currently reading Inhumanity (duh) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Brian Michael Bendis is one helluva awesome writer.

KPP Tour Merchandise

Caught SCANDAL, KPP and ONE OK ROCK in Singapore this time. Loved all and every moment of it.


I met and worked for one of the craziest most psychotic CEOs I'd probably ever have the misfortune of meeting. Never again, will anyone quite replace her. She is fucking out of her mind to the point leaving the job without getting paid became a very realistic option. Well good riddance. Lesson learnt, don't be greedy.

But leaving one job for another set off a fire and a series of crazy things ensured...


Vice Capt.