Team Xialan

Team Xialan.

Consisting of two wildly attractive men, Team Xialan aims to be THE definitive source of fighting game commentary and video game event hosting in Singapore. Formed by players of a variety of video games, capable of switching from plinking to snapbacks, parries to dustloops, drive cancels to instant air dashes, Team Xialan commentators know their stuff.

Sick of attending events where dull and staid commentators made trite remarks showcasing their lack of knowledge for the competitions they were hosting while the audience sniggered, Team Xialan members, Vx and Jonda Nabeimeso Pork Floss NRVNSQR CHAOS, decided that they could do better. And they did.

With the hosting of numerous local and several multi-national Street Fighter tournaments at the Anime Festival Asia ’09 and TGX 2010 (The Game Xpo 2010) as well as the recently concluded Super Battle Opera Tougeki 2010 Singapore Grand Finals under their belt, Team Xialan shows up at each one handsomed up, ready to bring the hype and electrify the crowd.

Ever wished that emcees and hosts at events would just lighten up and get that stick out of their asses?

Ever wished that gamers would put in some effort to dress up, so people would stop associating gaming with delinquency and degeneracy?

Ever wished that the crowd would get off their seats, get into the heat of things and hype it up?

Team Xialan believes in three fundamental things:

1)    Telling it like it is
2)    Looking Good
3)    Bringing the Hype

Natural extroverts, Team Xialan has no qualms about being in front of the crowd, telling them they don’t have a patriotic bone in their body if they don’t cheer for the team that’s about to represent their country. If there’s a moodkiller spoilsport in the crowd, rest assured that Team Xialan will either get him into the action, or evict him to the cheers of the crowd.

Aside from being their stunning selves Team Xialan constantly enforces an indoctrination routine of peer pressure and verbal abuse designed to make even the most decrepid of dressers ship up and reflect upon their style choice. We’re happy to report success in this regard, as evidenced by our newly reformed man, Mustapusta.

Our record speaks for itself. Every time Team Xialan has been the commentary duo at an event, the crowd gets hyped, and everyone gets into the swing of things and has a great time. From getting the crowd to chant along to combo hits to interspersing chinese and japanese commentary (always a crowd pleaser) Team Xialan brings the Hype everywhere it goes. At the recent Super Battle Opera Singapore Grand Finals, an inside joke propagated so wildly that the innocuous chicken WING. became the number one best selling item of the night.

Each and every event we go to, we generate and popularize new lingo and colloquialisms that serve to make the crowd feel like they’re part of the gang, on the inside and hip to the inside jokes, making them want to attend future events even more. We’re a friendly bunch after all, and we love making friends. Especially if they’re girls. Unless they’re ugly.


If you want someone to stand in front of your crowd, your crowd for the event that you painstakingly planned and go “hi everyone~! hehe”, get completely ignored, then mess up commentary because he thinks frame data has to do with film photography, then Team Xialan is not for you.
If you want a pair of slightly un-politically correct loudmouths well loved by the fighting game community who know the intricacies of the games in question, who will get the crowd hyped up and on their feet, who will promote the living hell out of your event while they’re coughing out blood, then we’d love to hear from you.

Love us or Hate us, drop us a mail at TeamXialan @ gmail . com


And on the 18th of December 2010, Vx and Ore no Jonda-sama officially signed the angry troll herself, Miss Fors, into Team Xialan as our Ultra Director. The Seiei Enbu is complete.


As of the 7th of August 2011, Miss Fors has officially left her vocation as the Ultra Director of Team Xialan. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Team Xialan will now revert back to functioning as a 2-Man Tag Team Champions of the World, still telling it like it is, still not passing or talking, dogging, tilting and hazing.